Middle School Mission Day 1

Here are some updates from today's trip and some photos from yesterday and today!  Youth are all doing great and all worked hard today!  We had a great trip up, despite the poor decision to stop at Buc-ees.  Apparently it is a big thing these days and I thought we were just stopping for gas...that decision added an hour to our trip! 

Day 1:

Team 1:

On the first day of work, we woke up really early and had breakfast and a devotion after which we drove to the home of TL.  TL’s needed some help staining her deck and some minor yard work. TL was super sweet with great taste in music, she has an intellectual disability that requires a part-time caregiver named Rosemary. TL enjoyed sitting on the porch chatting with us while we worked.  She had a cat named Happy that she talked about and loved very much. 

We started our work day by preparing our work space.  We were staining a deck, so we wrapped the rebar with plastic to protect it from the stain and cleaned the debris off the porch. Next, we got to work staining the deck.  We had lunch with TL and headed back to the church to help sort donations in their thrift store.  It was an eye opening experience and we are excited to see the new adventures in store for tomorrow. 


Team 2:

Today was day one of the mission trip and I have already learned so many new things that I thought I would never do! To start the day off we woke up got ready and then went to go eat breakfast which was delicious.  Next we went to devotional and after that we were out the door to Mr. Raymond’s house to get working! At Mr. Raymond’s we did things such as staining a deck, painting a bedroom, pressure washing, repairs on the outside of the house, and cleaning out the gutters. Today was super fun and everyone has learned something new and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow!!!