Expect the unexpected - Expect the Unexpected

Today was a day of unexpected.  The group that went to lead VBS and neighborhood cooperative ministries had 9 children (Neighborhood Cooperative has been averaging 50 children).  It was unexpected, but ended up being a blessing.  The group that went to The Place yesterday was so efficient, that The Place had no work for us today.  So the group that was supposed to go there went to Mercy Community Church.  That group went in with some assumptions about what they would see, but found things to be very different...but it also was a blessing.  You can hear about the youth's experiences in some updates from them below.  Also, enjoy lots of photos from the day! 

Group 1 & 4: Neighborhood Cooperative

Today, we got the chance to work with VBS at Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries. We really got to connect 1 on 1 with all of the campers who came. It was nice to get to build relationships with all the kids and do more of the hands on work rather than behind the scenes. I enjoyed working with one of the kids, Jesus and getting to know him and really connect with him today. 

Group 2: Mercy Community Church

The mercy community church is a place for people experiencing homelessness could go to socialize and get two hot meals on Wednesdays. Today they were given some clean clothes, a shower, and checked on by a foot doctor. They normally get a bible study and worship and many of them call this place home. When we went in, we were expecting a completely different environment. What we saw really opened our eyes and changed our perspectives and made many of us emotional. This was a big stretch for a lot of us and really pushed us out of our comfort zones, but we are very glad to have been able to experience this. 

Group 3: Children’s Haven

 Today, I we went to children’s haven and I got to work to help foster kids out by helping organize clothes in the basement for them or whoever there guardian is at the moment to shop for free which I think is amazing that they do that, we also watered plants and did some yard work to make the place look more presentable. I thought that the children’s haven was a really good place and had a great meaning behind what they do  because they help foster kids be able to connect with there parents or separated siblings which I think is awesome for the kids so that they can get closer to there parents or siblings that are at a different foster home so that they can have a healthier life.