Day 3 update

Today was a great day, but a long day.  Lots of tired youth (and adults)...and no one complained when I moved up bedtime by 30 minutes.  No youth updates today, because I didn't have a chance to really have anybody write one.  Here is a run down of our day.

We had an early breakfast and a quick devotion.  We then ran to a home of a member of Grace on the Hill (our host church).  The yard was very overgrown and there was lots of trash in the back corner where a homeless gentleman had taken up residence for a while.  Our team (both groups) worked really hard to cut brush way back and take out all the trash in the yard.  We filled a 6 foot by 12 foot dump trailer with all the stuff we cut and pick up today.  We also replaced a window on the home, from where the panes were completely broken out.  

After putting in a few hours of work there, we headed back to the church to have lunch and get ready for the water park.  We headed to the water park and spent 3 hours there.  A few youth are a little on the pink side, but thankfully no one appears to be burned.  

We returned from the water park and then had dinner with the Wednesday night church crowd here at Grace on the Hill.  Our youth then joined with the Grace on the Hill youth group for some games and worship. Our group joined the green team and the green team won the game!

We had our evening meeting and then the youth had some downtime for a while.  Some went to bed early, some just chilled in the room, and some played 4 square with James and me.  

Tomorrow we will be headed to Cedaridge Ministries to help with a thrift store (the proceeds to the store support ministry to the community).  We will then head to Cumberland Falls for lunch and then back to the church for some more work at the church.