Day 2

Here are updates from today's job sites.  These are written by members of each group.  We had 3 groups go into Atlanta today (and got to experience the MARTA and a bus ride).  

Group 1: ZABAN

ZABAN is an organization that takes in home insecure people. It is the only one in the Atlanta area that allows couples to stay together. Today from 10-12 they offer a hot meal, showers, and laundry to 12 people from the area with insecurities. We helped check the people in and offered conversation during their time at Zaban. We had an enjoyable time serving home insecure people in the Atlanta community and meeting new people!!

Group 2: PAD

PAD (Policing, Alternatives, and Diversion Initiative) is a organization that allows for a second alternative for minor infractions, like trespassing, substance abuse, etc. It allows people who get arrested to receive resources instead of being detained. They offer things such as meals, case workers, free Ubers, and a place to hang out. Not only does the organization provide materialistic things they also provide a welcoming family that some have lost through the years.  

We had the opportunity to serve here today, packing bagged meals for those in need, and unpacking their packaged foods into their pantry. We heard many employees speak about their connections and relations to PAD. We deeply appreciate them for allowing us in to learn about their space and intentions to help better their community.

Group 3: The Place

Our group went to The Place which is a Thrift store that resells used items like furniture and older technology. There is also a food pantry where they give food to people in need. While we were there we helped clean up the yard and take out trash. We also wiped down the wooden furniture and put labels on the tags and sorted clothes to sell. Overall we had a great time and would do it again.

Group 4: Gateway

We had so much fun helping people with their lunches and sorting clothing for them. It was such an enjoyable experience to be around. Sorting the mens and women’s clothing did take some time but it was still fun. The people at the building were super nice and respectful. It was great to meet new people and see the experience around the people working. It just feels so great for helping people and helping them with their needs that they have. Seeing the building that the people were staying and the rest of the entire building was really cool to look at. The feeling when you help people feels so great because it just makes you feel like you have accomplished something. It would be so great to come back again!

Here are some photos from today!