Day 2 Updates

It was a hot day in Kentucky, but a productive day!  You can read updates on the day from some of the youth's perspective below.  

One quick note for parents (and others who are praying for our trip!).  Our plans have changed a little for tomorrow.  Initially, we were going to be working here at the host church, but we are now going to be headed to a home of a church member.  We are going to be doing some heavy yard work as well as installing two new windows that have been broken out.  In the afternoon, we will take time off and head to the water park (instead of Thursday).  Weather for Thursday doesn't look great, so we will work here at the host church inside.  

Here are the updates!

Team 1:

Today we woke up late and ate a delicious breakfast of french toast casserole and fresh fruit. Then we went to devotion to worship our lord. After the worship meeting, we piled  into the vans and drove to Mr. Raymond’s house. We split into groups of two and got to work. Taylor and Kevin cleaned the gutters and sized panels for the roof, and me and Emmie put a second layer of sealant on the deck. Piper and Ava painted inside. Me and Emmie got done early, so we sanded and painted a door. We are so excited to see what god will have us do tomorrow!


Team 2:

Today we got to wake up a little later and ate breakfast, followed by a devotion. After our devotion we went over to TL’s house and got to work immediately. We started by doing a second layer of sealing the deck, other work we did included, trimming/shaping the hedges, fixing the toilet, and afterwards we raked up all the leaves and finished with lunch. We headed over to another house and did some yard work like using a weed wacker and leaf blower. We had such a great experience learning how to use all the new tools and doing stuff we haven’t done before! We can’t wait to see what we are going to do tomorrow!